Three Nights of Terror

Think you can survive the three nights of terror? Beware of the darkness. You never know what might be lurking beyond your view.

Difficulty:  5/5 (Challenging)
Number of participants: 3-6
(Minimum of 3 is required for this room)
Time to complete: 90 Minutes

Warning:  This room has periods of darkness, startling noises, flashing lights, ducking and stepping over objects.

The Story

You and your posse have decided you are among the bravest and think you can survive 72 hrs of terror. These next three days might not seem too scary while the sun is up. However, when the sun sets and darkness sets in and if you are still in the room, beware!! Each room presents its own different fright. From clowns during the day to Jason and Freddy stalking you at night. Then who knows what is waiting for you during your last night of terror. No one has made it out alive yet to tell the story. You and your party will need to work together to solve clues and puzzles to escape each night of terror before you end up in a tangled web of nightmares.

Preview of this Adventure


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