Ever wonder what it would be like to live on another planet? Come experience life on Mars, but make sure you don’t run out of oxygen!

Difficulty:  2/5
Number of participants: 2-4
Time to complete: 60 Minutes


The Story

You and your fellow Astronauts have been living on Mars for a little over a year. You are comfortable in your new abode until the alarm goes off warning of low Oxygen levels. You need to figure out what has gone wrong and most importantly how to fix it before it’s too late. With every passing minute, the carbon dioxide is building up. Someone may need to sacrifice themselves so the rest of the crew can breathe a little longer. Looks like you have about 60 minutes to solve this crisis. Will you and your entire crew be able to breathe again before time runs out, or will you take your last breath at the end of an hour?

Preview of this Adventure


Shot Caller

You and your group are in prison. However, it’s not too bad because you are the “Shot Caller,” the Top Dog, and you have organized a prison break.

Toxic Attack

A bomb has been planted in your Top Secret Government lab! Beat the clock to save yourself and all human kind from highly contagious viruses.

Three Nights of Terror

Think you can survive the three nights of terror? Beware of the darkness. You never know what might be lurking beyond your view.